En Cas de Malheur (1958)

Yvette Maudet, with a girl of her age, tries to steal to live and is surprised by a customer in a shop where she threatens the shopkeeper with a fake revolver; she stuns the client and runs away. Her friend is shut up by the police and Yvette rushes to a great Parisian lawyer, Maître Gobillot, knowing that he agrees to plead for free the causes of the young women he wants. Madame Gobillot is aware of her husband's differences and is content to try not to lose face. Yvette is arrested; Gobillot defends her, helped by a phone call from an old stranger who told her that the trader is a satyr. Gobillot finds Yvette in a hotel where he lodged her. It is Mrs. Gobillot who drives her husband to this hotel but she tries, by means diversions, to bring it back to her. 

However, Yvette's "fiancé" joins her and, with idealist candor, persuades her that she must confess to her offense, which she does not have to repent because she was hungry. As soon as he has his back turned, Yvette returns to Gobillot who lodges her in her bachelorette and soon, to prevent her fiancé to find her, he buys an apartment in secret where a servant is in the confidence of their loves. During a planned winter sports trip, Yvette escapes for a moment in the suburbs to her fiance's garret. He thinks he has recovered completely but, an hour later, understanding that she is leaving, he kills her savagely.

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